A multi-site company industry leader: La Colegiala- a bakery and cafe chain.

For a leader Company and undergoing a process of expansion, its success depends on a coordinated and well managed work: an overcome challenge thanks to inQuo.

The initial approach led us to totally coordinate the processes: from the study of the establishment, measuring, project and execution; to the energy management. By optimizing times and stablishing routines we got to work efficiently and always enclosing times and processes.


The major challenge was the implementation of a protocol for each new opening in which both client and engineering could work simultaneously, being able to know the phase we were at all times.

We should stablish a working method to follow, a support for every opening process that helps us to automatically follow certain steps. This way we can adapt to any unexpected incident or peculiarity without altering completion times. Our processes are now perfectly synchronized in order not to break the production process.


Perfectly differentiated phases have been stablished:

  • Preliminary study of the customer establishment: measurement and fitting
  • Building license and project:Incluyendo estudio iluminación
  • Energy management: temporary lightning supply, energy analysis, light power and definitive light.
  • Execution
  • Obtaining the starting activity license
  • Energy consulting: invoice tracking and control


The opening of a new shop is not a serious headache any more. Our clients now are sure that with the inQuo’s turnkey service and its process management system they can relax: inQuo handles everything.

  • 30% reduction of the runtime
  • Responsiveness reduced in a 80%
  • 95% Risk reduction
  • 30% increase in processes efficiency
  • 28% energy saving in billing/ invoice
  • One
  • Two

Proyecto de actividad

La Colegiala
La Colegiala

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