who we are

“We have the ability and experience to provide support to individuals and companies”
Francisco Ros Caballero


Completed projects


Fulfilled installations


Energy performance certificates


% of Green Energy

our values


We offer our clients the treatment we would like to receive, no more and no less.


We love our work and we enjoy every moment


Integrity means interact with people in an authentic way. We fulfill our promises and we make our best so as our business to be transparent.


We need to learn unknown things to continuously evolve. The one that doesn’t evolve is bound to disappearance. It does only remain training and learning new things every day.

Discipline and responsibility

We thoroughly follow our plans, fulfilling objectives and fighting until reaching them. We finish what we start.


We are grateful with the business we built and the opportunities it has given us. That is why we work hard to communicate that gratitude to our team and to our clients.

our origins

InQuo was created with the aim of optimizing the energetic consumption of companies and individuals. An increasing need of our services lead us to add a new and complementary facet of inQuo engineering.

InQuo’s evolution, until it reached the Installation Company consolidation, has been caused by customer demand. From the beginning we have been implementing improvements for energy optimization, from capacitors banks to lightning changes. Always making a good job in renewables energies and placing values on projects.

This great range of services is now Integra by InQuo.

our clients

Individuals 10%
SMS Companies 46%
Big companies 21%
Industries 23%

our suppliers

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