Proyectos eléctricos de baja tensión

What is it?

Technical projects based on the Low Tension Law ICT-BT. These projects are endorsed by the Official College of Engineers and they fulfill requirements of the Local Ministry of Industry to obtain the installation’s legalization and register.

When should it be implemented?

  1. Industries, in general, with a power rating above 20kW.
  2. Wet, dusty or with high risk of corrosion establishments; extraction pumps and lifting pumps with power rating above 10kW.
  3. Wet establishments; generator and electric converter, isolated heating drivers, excluding houses with a power rating above 10kW.
  4. Temporary installations for power supply of construction machinery. Temporary installations for open establishments (power rating above 50kW).
  5. Buildings for dwelling, commercial establishments and offices, not considered public audience premises, in vertical and horizontal building, with power rating above 100kW per general electrical protection box.
  6. Single-family home with power rating above 50kW.
  7. Garages that need forced ventilation, no matter their occupation.
  1. Garages with natural ventilation with more than five parking places.
  2. Public audience premises in any rate
  3. Low voltage lines with common support with the high-voltage; Machines for lifting and transportation; Those which uses special voltages; Neon signs unless considered low voltage as set out in the ITCBT legislation.
  4. Outside lightening installations with a power rating above 5kW
  5. Establishments at risk of fire or explosion, except of garages, no matter their power rating
  6. Operating rooms in any case.
  7. Swimming pools and fountains with a power rating above 5kW
  8. Any other case not included in the above mentioned groups and determined by the Ministry of Science and Technology through disposal.

Proyecto de actividad

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La Colegiala

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